Cook King - Food Flavored With Wind & Fire -

We create products with the purpose of awakening the magic of fire and enabling the preparation of savory, unique, and unforgettable meals. To utilize the outdoors and to take the idea of outdoor entertainment, up a notch.
Our brand is not only built on the tools to create and master fantastic meals cooked over a dancing flame, but also the atmosphere it creates by bringing people together. Picture yourself gathered around the fire after a delicious meal, sharing stores and laughs with those you care about most, The same fire you just prepared a meal for everyone in attendance.

That is our vision, that is Cook King.

Handcrafted, With Your Reputation In Mind

As part of our operation, we use the best forging techniques: individual... 

Why Cook King?

How do we make food flavored with wind and fire?

We’ve been producing and shipping grills, fire bowls, and garden stoves for over 27 years. Currently, the Cook King brand can be found in Europe, Asia, Africa, and most recently - the U.S.

This is how we share our passion for cooking. Our aim is to make our customers feel the joy and pleasure of preparing and having outdoor meals together. We design our products so that they help throw unforgettable parties and let our customers enjoy the time spent with their family and friends.

What motivates us the most? The vision of you standing in your garden and watching tremendous fun going on around our fire bowls and grills. We want you to be able to say the following in such a situation: This is exactly what our home is like: warm, safe, and reliable.

HANDMADE is a guarantee of tradition and quality!

  • Style & Comfort

    It is the simple and universal style of the Cook King products that attract those who particularly value the timeless elegance of everyday items. However, what convinces our customers of the correctness of their purchase decision is how user-friendly our products are. They are all designed for safe and comfortable use.

  • Handmade Quality

    We have already emphasized several times that the high quality of the Cook King brand has its origins in the design phase. Each of our products is made by hand from the best materials: thick steel elements holding valid quality certificates. As a result, our customers can enjoy using our products for many years.

  • Limitless Availability

    We have managed to combine quality craftsmanship with the production capabilities of a large company, so we are able to produce any quantity of goods you order. We only work with reliable transport companies, which guarantees that our products are delivered in perfect condition to the most distant places in the world.

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