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Fire Bowl "Bandito"

Fire Bowl "Bandito"

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About This Product:

This high-quality fire bowl has been produced in Europe. The fire bowl is an ideal solution for all those who value safety while lighting fire. The portable fire bowl can be used in many ways. It can be a practical place for lighting a fire, a portable grill, a heat source and a stylish illumination. The fire bowl is made of thick steel with a thickness of approx. 0.05 inches. The deep bowl prevents the burning wood from spreading, for example, in case of a strong wind. Three massive legs ensure our fire bowl does not wobble like seemingly similar cheap Chinese products. The hoop welded to the fire bowl makes carrying the product much easier. This fire bowl can serve both as a grill and a fire bowl at the same time. The diameter of the bowl is 31.5 inches and its depth is 13 inches. A rim that can be used as a support for the feet has been welded to the legs of the fire bowl. The set includes a black steel grate with a diameter of 27.5 cm and height adjustment. An additional advantage is the ability to rotate the grid 360 degrees. Optionally, you can hang a pot/wok holder when using the grid. This creates the possibility of multifunctional cooking at the same time.

Our fire bowls are made of crude steel; consequently, their color shade can differ from the product presented in the photographs. It is a natural feature of steel and it does not have any negative influence on the functionality or stability of the product.

Technical Specifications:

Diameter of Fire Bowl: 31.5 inches

Diameter of Grate: 27.5 inches

Total Height: 45.5 inches

Material Thickness: 0.05 inches

Weight: 79 pounds

Material: Natural Steel



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