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Tripod with Grate + Winch

Tripod with Grate + Winch

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About This Product:

A tripod grill with a height of 71 inches is a perfect product for meetings with friends in the garden. As a source of heat for this grill you can use a campfire or traditional charcoal briquettes. The tripod is powder-coated, which increases its weather resistance. The massive grate is made of thick materials and it can hold a large quantity of food. The stable tripod enables its users to place the grill on any surface no matter if it’s even or not. An additional advantage of the product is the fact that it can be quickly assembled and disassembled as well as easily transported and stored since the legs of the tripod can be folded in the middle.  Impressive ornaments including wrought elements make this tripod grill a feast for the eyes. Importantly, a winch has been welded to one leg of the tripod. It has a sprocket blocking the grate at any height.

Thanks to the constant coordination of the chain blockade you can safely use the grilling set without having to fear that the grate attached to the chain could suddenly slip down.

Technical Specifications:

Height of Cook King tripod grills: 71 inches

Diameter of Cook King Grate:
Natural Steel - 23.5 in.
Stainless Steel - 31.5 in.  

Thickness of gridiron bars: .015 in.

Natural Steel - 27.5 lbs.
Stainless Steel - 28.5 lbs.

Powder-coated tripod: YES

Tripod foldable in half: YES



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Customer Reviews

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David Seal

The tripod is wonderful. The only suggestion I have is to include assembly instructions. If you have instructions please send them. We are having a tough time with the winch assembly. Another idea would be to provide an assembly video on your website. Any help you could provide would be appreciated. Also, I help companies like yours get their products into Wal-Mart and Sam’s Clubs. I have called on these two retailers for over 25 years and I believe your products would do very well on their websites and perhaps even in the stores themselves. Please contact me if you are interested. Thanks. David Seal

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